Excluded Restaurant Worker and Family Helped in Indianapolis

The pandemic has caused hardships for many families, but for laid off workers who are excluded from state and federal benefits, it’s an issue of survival. No family should have to worry about keeping their lights on, or having electricity so their refrigerator stays cold and their food doesn’t spoil. But for a restaurant worker in Indianapolis, this was the case.

Laid off from the restaurant he worked at, and excluded from state and federal relief, he was in a dire situation: he was months behind in his electric bill and could not afford to pay it. Soon, the service would be turned off and his family wouldn’t even be able to turn on their lights.

Excluded worker and family helped in Indianapolis

Thankfully, a financial coach at his local community center suggested he ask Heart of the House Foundation for assistance.

We were able to pay off the utility bill and keep electricity running for him and his family.

Today, he is back to working part-time at the restaurant. The Foundation has encouraged him to contact Heart of the House and Faire Labor for additional work opportunities.

If you are an excluded worker unable to receive state or federal aid, Heart of the House Foundation’s Excluded Workers’ Assistance Fund might be able to help. To support the Foundation and excluded workers who need our help, please donate today.

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Have you been laid off or furloughed due to the Coronavirus? If you have been excluded from state and federal aid, you might qualify for the Excluded Workers Assistance Fund.

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Excluded workers need our help. Many have lost their jobs due to the Coronavirus, and are being excluded from state and federal benefits. Your donation can help them and their families survive.

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