Excluded Worker and His Family Helped in Indianapolis

A family in Indianapolis, originally from Nigeria, needed help when the single father had to cut his work hours to stay home with his children learning virtually. He turned to the Heart of the House Foundation for help with past due utility payments and help for his children’s new shoes and coats. “After my hours got cut, the Heart of the House Foundation offered help when we needed it most. I express my profound appreciation for this assistance.”

Learn more about our Excluded Workers’ Assistance Fund, or make a donation today.

excluded worker's family helped with shoes and coats

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Have you been laid off or furloughed due to the Coronavirus? If you have been excluded from state and federal aid, you might qualify for the Excluded Workers Assistance Fund.

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Excluded workers need our help. Many have lost their jobs due to the Coronavirus, and are being excluded from state and federal benefits. Your donation can help them and their families survive.

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