Heart of the House Foundation Pays Bills for Family Hurt by COVID-19

When the breadwinner of a family was hospitalized with COVID-19, other health issues were found that precluded him from working for several months. The family had no income and relied on the help of their parish and friends. After Heart of the House Foundation’s Excluded Workers’ Fund paid off their overdue bills, the family sent a note of gratitude that said, “blessings for each one of those who make up this team, this beautiful foundation. God bless their lives, families, their health and their work.”

Please visit our donations page to learn how you can help. If you are an excluded worker who needs assistance, you can apply for help here.

thank you letter to heart of the house foundation


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Have you been laid off or furloughed due to the Coronavirus? If you have been excluded from state and federal aid, you might qualify for the Excluded Workers Assistance Fund.

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Excluded workers need our help. Many have lost their jobs due to the Coronavirus, and are being excluded from state and federal benefits. Your donation can help them and their families survive.

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