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Excluded Workers' Assistance Fund

What is the Excluded Workers’ Assistance Fund?

Heart of the House Foundation’s Excluded Workers’ Assistance Fund helps workers who are furloughed or laid off from their full-time job because of the Coronavirus. Workers who fill out the Excluded Workers’ Assistance Fund Application may qualify for financial relief.

Who can qualify for assistance?

Workers who are furloughed or laid off from full-time work because of COVID-19 qualify for help. This includes those unable to work due to a COVID-19 diagnosis. Part-time workers may apply, but we cannot consider those who have found full-time employment.

Heart of the House Foundation gives preference to single-parent families. Because of limited funding, we cannot consider applicants who qualify for federal assistance programs, such as Unemployment, Medicaid, or SNAP, or who received a federal stimulus check. The application provides additional details


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